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Additional staff and resources



Additional staff and resources


The best people...

One consultant or ten. For a day, a week, a quarter or longer. Ronin has a deep and wide network of contacts. We will source, build and manage the best team, onsite or dispersed, for each client's needs.

Need a software sales compensation consultant? A part-time CFO? Naming and branding assistance? Create an equity-sharing program for a spin-off? Need to select and install an international HRIS? Want to move your benefits programs to a PEO? Create policies and procedures for a joint venture with a competitor? Ronin has assisted clients in all these areas, and more.

Ronin's network of qualified, experienced, and reliable experts is at your service.


...where you need them, when you need them.

Many of the problems and opportunities that we assist clients with span multiple locations, from around the San Francisco Bay area, to around the world. Ronin consultants are available to travel in support of our client's needs. And/or, Ronin will help find the best resources, where you need them, when you need them.